Ceci n'est pas une interview - Jo Zahn and Kent Hansen, 2008

Ceci n'est pas une interview ('This Is Not an Interview') - a Tv series by Jo Zahn and Kent Hansen, DEM / tv-tv. With thanks to all involved in the production.

In the series a high-end camera is handed to groups randomly met in cities. Presenting themselves as a Tv crew Jo Zahn and Kent Hansen invite the groups to record their get-together. The Tv crew then leaves the place, and returns after a while to retrieve the camera. The single edited sequences last for approx. 6 minutes.

The Tv series 'Ceci n’est pas une interview' was launched first time at the Parisian local Tv station La Locale 2007.

The shown footage was made in the framework of the exhibition 'societé anonyme' at Le Plateau, Paris 2007:

The emancipatory potential proclaimed by alternative media seems to have lost its potential. Though in the personal tactics of producing 'Tv narratives' discrete tactics of resistance on various levels are established by the participants in 'Ceci n'est pas une interview' - some tactics as well turned against the Tv media itself.