c_m_l is currently dormant | 2010

As of Fall 2010 the c_m_l project is no longer active. The website remains up as an archive, but is no longer updated. Please feel free to browse the archives and visit Camel Collective at http://camelcollective.org.

One Degree Celsius — Torolab, 2008

"Molecular Urbanism projects [of which One Degree Celsius is one] are diagnostic and strategic systems of ‘interventions’ in human bodies on both biological and molecular levels and subsequently their environments. For example, let us say you’re either getting thinner or fatter, or perhaps growing or losing hair; these are individually specific phenomena that begin on a molecular-biological level in your body and at first are not visible to the eye.

Because There Are So Many: Iraq — Benj Gerdes & Jennifer Hayashida, 2007

Four Iraqi men discuss their flight from Iraq following the United States invasion in 2003. Between them – an interpreter for the US Military, a computer technician for a military contractor, a professor of English, and an oil ministry employee – a dialogue emerges about their lives as refugees in Sweden. They discuss their divergent approaches to coping with trauma and self-representation. To them, Iraq as a nation exists only in the past-tense.

Centralia — Michael Ashkin, 2009

Michael Ashkin’s video Centralia (2009) takes its name from a mining town in central Pennsylvania, where coal deposits beneath the town caught fire in 1962 and have been burning since. Rather than document the now nearly abandoned mining town, Ashkin locates his camera on a hilltop at Odd Fellows Cemetery—one of the remaining traces of evidence of what was once a working-class immigrant community—directing its lens towards an ongoing mining operation nearby.

Map and Model Shop in g727 — York Chang, Pilar Tompkins and Adrian Rivas, 2008–

Conventional galleries invite artists to create works inside the context of a physical space with a particular programmatic focus. In 2008, g727 decided to initiate a different approach, inviting its constituents and audience to participate in an open-ended project to collaboratively design and program an entire project space located in a loft within the gallery.

:(){ :|:& };: — Jaromil, 2002

"The last possible deed is that which defines perception itself, an invisible golden cord that connects us: illegal dancing in the courthouse corridors. If I were to kiss you here they'd call it an act of terrorism--so let's take our pistols to bed & wake up the city at midnight like drunken bandits celebrating with a fusillade, the message of the taste of chaos."
Hakim Bey