c_m_l is currently dormant | 2010

As of Fall 2010 the c_m_l project is no longer active. The website remains up as an archive, but is no longer updated. Please feel free to browse the archives and visit Camel Collective at http://camelcollective.org.

“REFFEN” a living state of optimism | Joen P. Vedel | 2008

It all started on Saturday 31st of May 2008, when more than eight hundred people walked from the inner city of Copenhagen to Christianshavn, under the parole: “THEY TEAR DOWN, WE BUILD UP!”

Persistent Iteration | Arzu Ozkal | 2008

Halide Edip primary school, Ankara,TurkeyHalide Edip primary school, Ankara,TurkeyArtist and educator Arzu Ozkal presents Persistent Iteration, a two-channel video work in which Ozkal returned to her primary school in Ankara, Turkey, to record the process of class-room interpellation. Persistent Iteration marks Ozkal's own formation in the ritual repetition of speech and writing by creating a parallel between Turkey’s identity as a modern secular nation-state and the disciplining of childrens’ identities.

Todos somos un mundo pequeño (We All Are a Small World) | 2009

"We are part of Tijuana’s cultural community and we are opposed to the appointment of Virgilio Muñoz as the new director of CECUT (Cultural Center of Tijuana). We are opposed to his appointment because he doesn’t meet the requirements needed to lead CECUT today. As it has happened with many other institutions, his appointment is contaminated by political favors and isn’t based on the desire to choose a professional who is dedicated to culture and art.

El Proyecto de la morras — La Línea, 2008

El proyecto de las morras is not an experiment. It opens the possibility of dialogue with women who live in confinement in a drug rehabilitation center. We, morras as well, employ our knowledge and our literary resources to construct a bridge with and for these women."

MediaWomb — CUBO, 2009

Mediawomb recovers the energy of the Ouroboros, the ancient symbol of a serpent eating its tail, an entity constantly consuming and re-creating itself. What could be more connected to this condition than the pairing of violence and the media cycles that reproduce, consume, and refuel this violence?